August 2, 2017

Partners Miloš Čurović (ODI Serbia) and Branko Ilić and associate Primož Mikolič (ODI Slovenia) responded to the invitation of Network Business Incubator Vrelec and participated in a workshop Challenges and Opportunities of Conducting Business with Serbia on 19 June 2017 in Rogaška Slatina. ODI experts lectured on legal aspects of entering and doing business in the Serbian market, including regulation of corporate status, contractual and employment relationships and tax implications of conducting business there. A lecture about commercial cooperation between Slovenia and Serbia was given by the former Slovenian Ambassador in Serbia and the Head of Sector for Bilateral Commercial Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, mag. Franc But. The interest of Slovenian companies for Serbian market is big, which is evident from 20 percent growth of trade between the countries in the last five years which now amounts to 1.25 billion. The debate between the lecturers and participants indicated that the Serbian market is relatively well regulated. However, companies should enter the market well prepared and with a good understanding of legal and regulatory environment.


March 31, 2017

ODI’s Managing Partner, mag. Uroš Ilić, attended the CEE Legal Matters’ annual end-of-the-year Expert Summit in Warsaw on December 8th, 2016. The topics of the conversation between the participants ranged from the current economic state to the trends in the legal industry and the developments that technology is bringing into the legal profession.

A full summary of the conversation is available in the special January 2017 issue of the CEELM magazine.


February 7, 2017

ODI`s managing partner, Uroš Ilić, attended the International Bar Association (IBA) European Corporate and Private M&A conference in Paris from 2 to 3 February 2017. The IBA`s conference is Europe’s largest international gathering of lawyers, in-house counsel, investment bankers, accountants and specialist involved in European M&A. This unique mix of viewpoints provides a rich environment for discussion, debate and learning more about the latest trends and developments in M&A business in Europe.

Over a 2-day period, the conference featured 9 sessions covering a wide range of topics, such as share for share deals, the challenges posed by acquisitions in the banking sector, foreign investment control, legal concepts in cross-border transactions, various disclosure regimes, aspects of damage liability and competition law aspects that M&A lawyers need to know.


May 10, 2016

Yesterday, the Ambassadors Club of Slovenia in Belgium (ACSI) was hosting Louis de Waele delegation lunch at Ljubljana Castle. Louis De Waele`s visit, a top 10 Belgian construction company, was to give guidelines on EU funds absorption to Slovenian companies and the opportunities for the Slovenian suppliers, contractors and investors.

ODI managing partner, Uroš Ilić, an ASCI member and in capacity as the Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Belgium to the Republic of Slovenia was the guest of honor, supporting and promoting development of partnerships between Slovenian and Belgian entrepreneurs and companies and building stronger economy.

The feature photo (from the left) Sibil Svilan, CEO of SID bank and Barbara Frontini, ACSI General Secretary and organizer.

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March 2, 2016

A select gathering of experts from law firms in Central and Eastern Europe attended the annual 2015 CEE Legal Matters Experts Summit. ODI`s Uroš Ilić participated in the end-of-year Round Table conversation about opportunities, obstacles, and challenges across the region in 2015 and for the 2016. For full report, please click on the article.


December 22, 2015

ODI Managing Partner, Uroš Ilić, was in Brussels on 9 December 2015 attending the Ambassadors’ Club of Slovenia in Belgium Annual Economic event: ‘The Belgium-Slovenia Business Axis: A New Economic Motor to drive Europe’s Recovery?’

The main topics for discussion were bilateral trade between Belgium and Slovenia: initial screening of current status and future opportunities, Foreign Direct Investment in Slovenia and the tax and legal comparison between Belgium and Slovenia.

Approximately one hundred representatives from Slovene, Belgian and other companies took part. The Ambassadors Club of Slovenia promotes mutual cooperation for sustainable economic and social development. It provides support to Slovenian companies wishing to enter the Belgian market and to Belgian companies that desire to know more about the Slovenian market and companies.

Headline photo: President of the Ambassadors Club of Slovenia in Belgium & President of Walloon Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Mag. Uroš Ilić



October 12, 2015

ODI`s managing partner, Uroš Ilić, attended the International Bar Association (IBA) annual conference in Vienna from 4 to 9 October 2015. The IBA`s annual conference is the world`s largest and most prestigious international gathering of lawyers each year, attracting around 6,000 individuals representing over 2,700 law firms, corporations, governments and regulators worldwide.  This unique mix of viewpoints provides a rich environment for discussion, debate and learning more about how the legal profession shapes the political, economic and social climate worldwide.

Over a 5 day period, the conference featured around 200 sessions covering most sectors and practice areas, and sessions on a wide range of topics such as the challenges of law firm management and international relationships, ethics, the future of the legal profession, and the rule of law and human rights.

At the opening ceremony, both the IBA president, David W Rivkin, and the former president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, addressed the challenges posed by Europe’s migrant crisis.

Photo: Uroš Ilić with IBA President, David W Rivkin


October 9, 2015

Despite his busy London business schedule, managing partner, Uroš Ilić, attended the IR Global Annual Conference dinner at the UnderGlobe on 29 September 2015. He was pleased he could join in on the festivities as he sees great importance and benefits in attending events of this calibre. Mr Ilić believes that in order ˝to handle the clients’ most challenging cross-border transactions and to keep delivering superior client service in today`s climate, it is important to expand the global reach˝.

Photo: Neisha Shepherd-NLS Law, Natasha Pryngler-neolaw, Violet French-Torkin Manes and Mr Ilić


October 6, 2015

On 1 and 2 October 2015, ODI managing partner, Uroš Ilić attended the NPL Europe 2015 conference in London.  This major pan-Europe event brought together Banks, Investors and Servicers from around the European region to discuss the latest trends in the European Distressed Debt Market, how to reduce NPL ratios, what and where the new investment opportunities are, and which business partners and resources are readily available in the market.  The special focus was on six key markets; Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia.

Mr Ilić was one of the panelists for the Slovenian block to address questions of what problems banks have experienced to workout distressed portfolios in Slovenia, what the proportion is of NPLs and what types of Assets are represented and how Slovenian banks can attract NPL investors.

September 24, 2015

ODI managing partner, Uroš Ilić, yesterday attended the International SME conference in Ljubljana, organised jointly by the Bank of Slovenia and European Commission.

The two main topics of discussion were deleveraging of NPLs and bank financing of SMEs.

The governor of the Bank of Slovenia, Boštjan Jazbec, in the opening statement talked about the findings of recent research by the Bank of Slovenia which indicated that small and young firms were more sensitive to the cyclical downturn than large and old firms and that small and medium-sized firms are more prone to deleveraging since the onset of the financial crisis.

A number of senior officials of international institutions, bankers, policy makers, academics, and diplomats attended the conference on an issue that is very critical for Slovenia.

Photo: Mag. Uroš Ilić and Dr. Imre Balogh, CEO of Probanka d.d. and Non-Excecutive Board member of DUTB

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