We are a leading regional law firm with an unrivalled reputation for excellence. We offer:

  • a distinctive culture – our lawyers are always willing to support each other and share expertise because we foster a friendly atmosphere.
  • quality of clients and work – we have an outstanding client list, which includes international companies and institutions at the forefront of commercial and financial developments.
  • a breadth of experience – every one of our lawyers is a multi-specialist: they work on the full range of commercial and financial matters, giving them an unsurpassed breadth of experience.
  • regional reach – regional transactions are central to our practice, so our lawyers work on a regional basis and have many opportunities to work across the region.

You could be a part of a team supporting the provision of world-class legal advice to some of the world’s leading businesses. At our firm, everyone’s contribution is valued and all enjoy an open, friendly and supportive culture. In addition, there are excellent benefits and facilities and a variety of development opportunities to support you in your role.

The culture at ODI is central to our success and, for us, two aspects of working here are key. The first is professionalism and a mindset to explore new and better ways of doing things. We pride ourselves on finding innovative and commercial solutions to the issues our clients are facing. The second is teamwork and a supportive working environment – our firm excels because our people enjoy working together to achieve results for our clients. This website will give you a sense of our culture and values. We encourage you to explore it in detail and to see whether ODI may be as good a fit for you.

ODI Lawyers Talent Model consists of two career tracks that, together, create a unique value proposition for our clients and for the lawyers who work at ODI.

Partner Track:
Each lawyer develops at his or her own rate. We have created a unique model with different levels of advancement that allows you to contribute, grow and advance toward partnership at your own pace—and be rewarded accordingly. We have three levels of associates (Junior Associate, Associate and Senior Associate), with rigorous performance thresholds for advancement from one level to the next and with corresponding compensation levels. Associates receive detailed feedback about their progress and robust training and mentoring to support the development of skills needed to provide outstanding advice and service to our clients.

Custom Track:
This track allows lawyers who have outstanding skills yet desire a less traditional path to partnership or do not aspire to partnership at all to create customized roles. Associates on the custom track are able to set a different pace for advancement or customize a long-term role that enables them to contribute in a meaningful way but does not necessarily lead toward a partnership with the firm. If desired, associates may move to the custom track for a time and return to the partner track.
It also ensures a personal approach to setting individual working conditions and offers part-time work or working from home as these options are important for some of our colleagues.

ODI is a law firm that embraces change. While some things are fundamental—like our core values—we do not get stuck on tradition when we see a better way. Nowhere is this truer than in our approach to developing the very best legal talent. Several years ago, we recognized that the traditional law firm associates development model no longer fully met the needs of the top law school graduates, of our associates or of our clients. So, we led the market in introducing a new path to developing tomorrow’s leaders.

Developing the next generation of lawyers and future leaders is one of the best uses of a senior lawyer’s time. Consistent with this belief, ODI recognizes our partners and senior associates for the efforts they devote to associate training and mentoring. In today’s environment, lawyers must actively plan and manage their careers—but you should not have to do it alone. We ensure that every ODI associate has meaningful mentor relationships.

We also engage inner and outer specialists to give some insights to our associates about the important and relevant questions, which we call ODI Acadamy. Since we want to pursue a healthy lifestyle, we also encourage ODI Sports initiative so we participate in many sports activities as part of the ODI team.

The practice of law is changing rapidly and so are our clients. As clients become more sophisticated, diverse and international, we increasingly need lawyers who are not just strong technically but who are also personable, can adapt quickly to new situations and can build relationships across different cultures. Crucially we aim for diversity in the people we recruit, so regardless of your background, we encourage you to consider applying to ODI.

If you think law school doesn’t teach you everything you need to know you should try our summer program. We provide real work with real deadlines for real clients. You get to work in practice areas of interest to you (and you can change your mind as the summer progresses). We want you to get to know our people because they are the biggest indicator of what your full-time experience will be like. You will work hard, learn a lot through our training programs and your work assignments, and also have plenty of opportunities to get to know our lawyers and your peers at social events. Spend the summer with us and leave prepared for life as a lawyer.

We offer the opportunity to be part of a team supporting the provision of world-class legal advice to some of the world’s leading businesses. At our firm, everyone’s contribution is valued and all enjoy an open, friendly and supportive culture. In addition, there are excellent benefits and facilities and a variety of development opportunities to support you in your role.

A variety of training courses will be available. Some of the courses include time management, assertiveness, presentation, communication and team management/supervisory skills.

To be truly inclusive, a law firm must have the flexibility to address diverse needs. ODI has a record of leading the market in introducing programs that embrace diverse perspectives and priorities and ensure that all lawyers have equal opportunities to succeed.

Promoting diversity has been one of the key goals of our law firm from its inception as it not only enables a dynamic exchange of different ideas and opinions but also enables our people to feel as comfortable in their work environment as possible. Besides promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, academic and eco-initiatives, diversity has always been a key pillar of our identity.

As an international firm, we offer our employees an option to decide to switch from office to office, between different jurisdiction, which enables them to get experience from the whole region, accelerate their professional development or be closer to their family. This policy also enables that all of our offices in four different jurisdictions, cultures and language areas operate as one diverse but coherent law firm, which unifies people from all SEE countries.

We consider ourselves a family friendly business as we offer the option of part-time employment, make an effort to adjust the working process to meet our employees’ needs and strive to include their family members in our events. Over 70% of our employees who are over 30 years old have children and our goal is to enable and ensure a suitable working environment to increase this number even more.

We have managed to not only equalize the number of our women colleagues to the men. Recently the number of women has actually surpassed the number of men in every one of our offices. Even in the partner position, which has traditionally been dominated by men, we have already almost reached 50:50 ratio. We consider this as a testament to our modern work policies, which undoubtedly promotes equality in business as well as in other environments.

Corporate social responsibility

We like to give back to the legal institutions where we studied and gained the basis of who we are today. Therefore our attorneys often collaborate with the Law faculties in the Adriatic region and perform lectures to enrich and improve the legal education system. Presenting our legal practice to law students gives them a beneficial insight into the real world and helps them in their future development which doesn’t only help their careers but also has positive spill-over effects for the economy. Our care for the educational system is also indicated through our participation in the biggest Slovenian annual student competition in corporate law The Legal Solution, where young lawyers are given a chance to compete on real cases in order to win an internship in our law office. We are happy to give them an opportunity to test themselves in a real legal environment and obtain valuable experience.

Pro bono projects

For many years, we have been participating in the annual Pro bono day of legal assistance. We offer legal advisory for the socially weak population that can’t afford legal services. The project enables them to get valuable first step advice that steers them in the right direction and improves the protection of their legal rights.

There are currently no job vacancies available, however, we will seriously consider every received job application.

Are you Outstanding, Dynamic and Innovative ?

ODI’s People development philosophy combines the best elements of the traditional law firm model with far greater flexibility and individualization of your career path. It is based on concepts and approaches explained on this page. We encourage you to read it and talk with our partners and associates to learn even more about the career opportunities ODI offers.

What we look for?

Above all, we are looking for strong interpersonal skills, an ambitious, commercial approach and a commitment to excellence. We also ask for evidence of a strong intellect and relevant experience in one or more of practice areas in our law firm.

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