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Our Russia Desk assists clients from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries interested in expanding their business in the Slovene and EU market, as well as the needs of Slovene clients that intend to operate in the CIS markets, ODI has created a dedicated Desk, dealing with legal issues concerning Slovenian and EU Law. The Russia Desk advises on all commercial law matters under Slovenian and European Union law.

The Russia Desk can advise you on the following:

  • Assistance on starting a business in Slovenia and obtaining relevant permits from Slovenian governmental authorities.
  • Advising on the European Union laws, EU competition laws, relevant VAT issues.
  • Advising on immigration issues, work permits, entry and residence permits, family reunification.
  • Legal support regarding decisions of the Slovenian tax and customs authorities.

Основные области адвокатских услуг:

  • открытие ООО, помощь в организации бизнеса в Словении и получения соответствующих разрешений от органов государственной власти Словении.
  • Консультирование по вопросам законодательства Словении и ЕС.
  • консультирование по вопросам словенского налогообложения (НДС, подоходный налог, налог на прибыль).
  • получение ВНЖ и ПМЖ, соединение семи, консультирование по вопросам иммиграции.

Key Contacts

Uroš Ilić

Managing Partner

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