Matjaž Jan

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  • Attorney-at-Law in Slovenia (2006)
  • Croatian, English, Italian, Serbian, Slovenian
Memberships & Commitments:
  • The World Justice Project, Rule of law index, Contributing expert (2014)
  • Slovenian Bar Association (2005)
Awards & Recognitions:
  • World Justice Project Contribution Recognition (2015)
  • Regional Head of Dispute Resolution Group (2015)
  • Partner, ODI Slovenia (2014)
  • Head Corporate Operations, ODI Slovenia (2010-2014)
  • Senior Associate, ODI Slovenia (2010-2014)
  • Senior Associate, Law Firm Čeferin, Grosuplje, Slovenia (2006-2010)
  • Associate, Law Firm Čeferin, Grosuplje, Slovenia (2005-2006)
  • Legal Counsel, Ministry of Justice, Department for Preparation of Legislative Acts’ Proposals, Slovenia (2003-2004)
  • Judical Trainee, Ljubljana Higher Court, Slovenia (2002-2003)
  • Legal Counsel, Ministry of Justice, Department Establishing International Reciprocity, Slovenia (1999-2002)
  • Slovenian Bar Exam (2004)
  • Professional Exam in Administrative Law (2001)
  • University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law (1994-1999)
  • The implications of the transfer of revalued reserves into share capital, (The Days of Accounting – How to reform the tax system, Portorož, 2016)
  • Preventive restructuring proceeding of ACH, (6th Current issues of Insolvency Law, Kranjska Gora, 2015)
  • E-enforcement in practice (ways of cutting expenses) – workshop; (Accountants, Treasurers and Auditors Association Domžale-Kamnik, Kamnik 2015)
  • Enforcement in practice – effective recovery of monetary claims, Uradni list RS, Ljubljana, 2014
  • Acquisition of joint stock companies inside and outside the court insolvency proceedings, (5th Days of Insolvency Law, Portorož, 2012)
  • Council of Europe regional project: II. Regional Training Workshop on International and European Judicial Cooperation; »Theoretical and practical aspects of jurisdiction and the recognition of insolvency proceedings«; (EU nad UNCITRAL international cross-border provisions; Beograd, Serbia, 2006)
  • Council of Europe regional project: I. Regional Training Workshop on International  and European Judicial Cooperation; »Theoretical and practical aspects of jurisdiction and the recognition of insolvency proceedings«; Ohrid, Macedonija, 2005
  • Enforcement law together with the basics of the European civil procedure: School of civil procedural law: novelties: EU accession, amendment to the Enforcement and Securing of Civil Claims Act (ZIZ-A), the Law of Property Code (SPZ) and the Land Register Act (ZZK-1), Nebra,  Ljubljana 2004
  • Regulation regarding the Register of non-possessory pledges, Nebra, Ljubljana 2004
  • Enforcement with regard to financial means at payment institutions, Economic operators in the market on the doorstep of the European Union, Institute for Economic Law, 2003
  • Payment of (un)restructured secured claims after confirmation of compulsory settlement and agreement on preventive restructuring (part 1.), Pravna praksa, October 4th 2018, Pg. 6-9.
  • Current issues of bankruptcy proceedings in practice, Journal Current Issues of Incolvency Law, 2015, Pg. 16-28.
  • Execution of Judgments in Civil Matters and Insurance of Claims Act (including the Amendment A of the Act), commentary to the amendment to the act and introductory explanatory remarks, GV Založba, Ljubljana 2002, co-author.
  • Conflict of interest of Supervisory Boards’ Members due to Competition Clause, Pravna praksa, Nr. 1, January 9th 2014, appendix,  co-author.
  • Enforcement draft in use, Pravna praksa Nr. 40-41/2013, Oct. 18th 2013, Pg. 13-15, co-author.
  • Shareholders vs. creditors, Pravna praksa, Nr. 13/2013, Apr. 4th 2013, appendix, co-author.
  • Takeover of healthy cores, Pravna praksa, Nr. 15/2012, April 19th 2012, appendix, co-author.
  • Effect of resolutions on nomination and discharge of commercial company management and supervisory board members in court practice, RDP – Računovodstvo, davki, pravo, Nr. 1/2009, Pg. 59-63.
  • EU regulation on insolvency proceedings,  Evro Pravna Praksa Nr. 6/2004, Pg. 27-40.
  • Securities as a subject of enforcement proceedings, Pravna praksa Nr. 27 and 28/2003, Pg. 16-18.
  • Register of non-possession rights under a lien and seized real estate, Pravna praksa Nr. 10/2004, Pg. 31-34.
  • Consumers’ insolvency and residents’ over-indebtedness, Pravna praksa Nr. 7/2005.
  • Payment ranking of obligations arising out of a resolution on enforcement on diverse monetary assets with diverse payment organisations, Pravna praksa Nr. 20/2003, Pg. 10-11.
  • Seizure of a foreign motor vehicle, Pravna praksa Nr. 22 and 23/2003, Pg. 10-11.
  • Contribution to more efficient enforcement proceedings?, Pravna praksa Nr. 15 and 16/2004, Pg. 15-16.
  • Limitation of assets garnishment of an entrepreneur, Pravna praksa Nr. 28/2004, Pg. 10-11.
  • Sales price and stopping of enforcement proceedings, Pravna praksa Nr. 1/2005, Pg. 10-11.
  • Return to future and a repeated modification of Article 68 of the constitution, Pravna praksa Nr. 15 and 16/2002, Pg. 27-31.
  • Elements of the motion initiating enforcement proceedings and acquiring of data on debtors’ accounts, Pravna praksa Nr. 40/2002, Pg. 14-15.
  • Enforcement officials’ system in Slovenia and the Netherlands, Pravna praksa Nr. 15 and 16/2003, Pg. 44-46.
Matjaž Jan
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