September 24, 2015

ODI managing partner, Uroš Ilić, yesterday attended the International SME conference in Ljubljana, organised jointly by the Bank of Slovenia and European Commission.

The two main topics of discussion were deleveraging of NPLs and bank financing of SMEs.

The governor of the Bank of Slovenia, Boštjan Jazbec, in the opening statement talked about the findings of recent research by the Bank of Slovenia which indicated that small and young firms were more sensitive to the cyclical downturn than large and old firms and that small and medium-sized firms are more prone to deleveraging since the onset of the financial crisis.

A number of senior officials of international institutions, bankers, policy makers, academics, and diplomats attended the conference on an issue that is very critical for Slovenia.

Photo: Mag. Uroš Ilić and Dr. Imre Balogh, CEO of Probanka d.d. and Non-Excecutive Board member of DUTB

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