December 22, 2015

ODI Managing Partner, Uroš Ilić, was in Brussels on 9 December 2015 attending the Ambassadors’ Club of Slovenia in Belgium Annual Economic event: ‘The Belgium-Slovenia Business Axis: A New Economic Motor to drive Europe’s Recovery?’

The main topics for discussion were bilateral trade between Belgium and Slovenia: initial screening of current status and future opportunities, Foreign Direct Investment in Slovenia and the tax and legal comparison between Belgium and Slovenia.

Approximately one hundred representatives from Slovene, Belgian and other companies took part. The Ambassadors Club of Slovenia promotes mutual cooperation for sustainable economic and social development. It provides support to Slovenian companies wishing to enter the Belgian market and to Belgian companies that desire to know more about the Slovenian market and companies.

Headline photo: President of the Ambassadors Club of Slovenia in Belgium & President of Walloon Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Mag. Uroš Ilić



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